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George Eliot Hospital - NHS Trust
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Special Care Baby Unit

Baby fingers

Our special care baby unit

Contact us on 024 7686 5258

Our Special Care Baby Unit has 12 cots for babies who need a bit of extra help. Babies are cared for by neonatal nurses and health care support workers.

Visiting during Covid 19 Pandemic

We appreciate that you may find the following necessary actions difficult; however they have been put into place to protect your baby.

Only parents are currently able to attend the Unit. No other family members, siblings or friends are able to visit at this time. 

·       One parent is able to be with their baby for an unrestricted period of time each day.

·       The second parent is able to be present during an allocated 4 hour slot. These time slots are: 

         o   8am-12pm 

         o   12pm-4pm 

         o   4pm-8pm 

Please let nursing staff which slot you would like each day before leaving. Nurses will monitor this to ensure fairness, but also to maintain social distancing between cot-spaces. At the end of the time period, the second parent will need to leave the unit.   Please minimise the number of times you leave the unit. 

At other times, to maintain your personal safety or maintain social distancing, nursing staff may ask you to leave the nursery. 

When twins are admitted, each parent may be with one baby each day, with no changeover between baby and parent

Please wash your hands regularly whilst on the unit. This is especially important before and after caring for or feeding your baby, and after touching your mobile phone. When you leave the nursery you should wash and gel your hands.  

Further instructions will be provided to you when you arrive including further hand hygiene information, wearing masks and cleaning mobile phones. 

Maria Mathai                                                                Cheryl Curson

SCBU Manager                                                            Matron for Neonatal & Paediatric Services                               

Email: Maria.Mathai@geh.nhs.uk                                Email: Cheryl.Curson@geh.nhs.uk     

Updated May 2020