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The Trust’s diabetes team aims to empower patients and carers to self-manage diabetes and seek advice and help early to improve quality of life, reduce complications and prevent hospital admissions. We continually strive to improve the quality of diabetes care by a process of education and implementing an integrated model of care across primary care, secondary care and other sectors. This is based on the Alphabet strategy for Diabetes care which was developed here. The strategy is on the NICE website as an example of good clinical practice and it won an innovation award in 2013

We place an emphasis on prevention and early intensive management of risk factors for the complications of diabetes and other preventable long term conditions and cancer. We deliver all the 13 NICE quality standards for diabetes in adults (2012) to standards consistent with the best 10% in the UK for resources available. 

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Lead consultant

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Professor Vinod Patel

Secretary: Jo Moore
Contact No: 024 7686 5212


Dr Saravanan web.jpg
Prof Ponnusamy Saravanan

Consultant in diabetes and endicronology

  • Specialist Registrars: Dr Ereneta, Dr Pandya and Dr Barseem.
  • Clinical Nurse Specialists: Jo Wilson /  Sue King /Selvin Selvamoni/Sarah Fall
  • Associate Practitioner: Theresa Ritchie
  • Community Diabetes Specialist Nurse: Nicola Suddick 
  • Community Diabetes Nurse: Hayley Allsopp
  • Clinical Research Nurse: Meredith Pinder
  • Diabetes Specialist Midwife: Jazz Hilton
  • Diabetes Dietician: Angela Cross and Georgia Homer
  • Research Coordinator: Amitha Gopinath

The hub of the local diabetes service is within the main outpatient department. The team have adapted several rooms to form a diabetes and endocrinology centre, which has the following main rooms and areas:

  • Clinical Consultation Rooms
  • Podiatry Examination and Treatment Room
  • Clinical Specialist Nurses Room
  • Administration and Secretarial Room
  • Reception Area
  • Out-patient Waiting Area with Educational Resources
  • Patient and Healthcare Professional Education Seminar Room
  • Diabetes Treatment Room
  • Diabetes Vital Signs Area

  • Asian link support worker - diabetes
    Works with individual patients within all diabetes clinics as needed.
  • Clinical psychology support - diabetes
    Both to support patients and train staff in motivational interviewing.
  • Clinical research clinics - diabetes
    Almost daily clinics with lead Principle Investigators, Physicians Assistant, Research/Clinical Trial Co-ordinators and Research Nurses.
  • Complex type 1 diabetes clinic
    A weekly clinic focussing on complex Type 1 patients, there is limited access to Clinical Psychology services if needed.
  • Foot care - diabetes
    A weekly foot focus clinic, with access to vascular opinion if needed by phone.
  • General clinic - diabetes
    This clinical service is formally incorporated into the specialist clinics for patient requiring hospital review but not requiring a specialist service
  • Glucose Monitoring Support - diabetes
    for patient requiring additional support for monitoring (new and follow-up patients) - held by the Associate Diabetes Practitioner.
  • Hypoglycaemia initiative - diabetes
    The Ambulance team and our Diabetes care staff have recently started this initiative to highlight patients who have required paramedic support following hypoglycaemia.
  • Inpatient care - diabetes
    Diabetes Specialist Nurses, Associate Diabetes Practitioner and Consultant doctors provide expert support and advice on a daily basis.
  • Insulin pump therapy
    Monthly clinic, for new and follow up patients with a consultant, specialist diabetes nurses and dieticians.
  • New therapies clinic - diabetes
    Monthly clinic, especially for injectable incretins.
  • Pregnancy - diabetes service
    A weekly combined Obstetrics/Diabetes clinic is held within the maternity unit by consultant in diabetes care (Dr Saravanan), Specialist Registrar, Diabetes Specialist Midwife, Diabetes Specialist Nurse and Dietician.
  • Renal - diabetes
    A weekly renal focus clinic, with access to renal opinion if needed by phone.
  • Retinopathy - diabetes
    A weekly combined retinal screening and Diabetes care review clinic.
  • South Asian specialist diabetes clinic
    Held quarterly in health centres in North Warwickshire and Coventry. Can offer specialist advice for local people observing Ramadan.
  • Specialist Diabetes Nurse Clinic
    For clinical accountability and governance, most of these have been all been incorporated under a consultant. Some clinic slots are still held by nurses alone for specific patients.
  • Tele-health - diabetes
    These clinics are “held” via telephone advice slots and reviews or email.
  • Transitional Clinic for Young persons aged 14 to 21 years
    Monthly clinic, for new and follow up patients with the Adult and Paediatric Clinician