A dedicated frail elderly ward, ‘Bob Jakin’ was established as part of the ward reconfiguration exercise undertaken in December 2013. The ward is specially adapted to care for the frail elderly and a sensory garden has been developed to provide safe outside space for dementia patients.

The Trust has also introduced an enhanced acute assessment process for the frail and elderly. This includes undertaking a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) for all patients over 75 who are admitted to the dedicated frail elderly ward, ‘Bob Jakin’. To enhance the elderly care team a Physician’s Associate has also been appointed who is specially trained in undertaking CGA’s. Rem Pods’ (Specialist memory trigger areas for use in the treatment of dementia) have been purchased.

In addition, to enhance patient care for patients with fractured neck of femur and ensure that patients are seen and treated within 72 hours, a dedicated ortho geriatric registrar has been employed to deal with fractured neck of femur cases.

A CGA is now also undertaken for all geriatric fractured neck of femur patients, together with bone protection and an investigation into the fall that caused the fracture. 

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Lead consultant

Dr Aymin Abdin


  • Dr J Egbuji - Consultant
  • Dr J Alamgir - Consultant
  • Dr J Mukundan - Senior Trust specialist in Geriatric Medicine (falls clinic)

Parkinson's Consultant

  • Mr Riaz Mapilliakkandy

Admiral Nurses

Sarah Wood and Carolyn Randle

Elderly Trauma Specialist Nurse        

Loana Goodhead

Physician Associates - Frailty Team

  • Joanne Dimmock
  • Ian Smith
  • Suren Yogamoorthy

Seven day a week stroke services

  • Diagnostic tests (ECHO, ECG, CT Head, MRI/MRA, carotoid doppler, x-ray)
  • Acute and rehabilitation care
  • In Trust training and teaching
  • Prompt acute response for A&E

Stroke services (lead consultants - Dr James Egbuji)

  • Acute stroke
  • Prevention of cardiovascular disease

Orthogeriatric services (lead consultant - Dr Amit Thakkar)

  • Falls
  • Orthogeriatric falls - fractured neck of femur (broken hip)

Comprehensive geriatric services (lead consultant - Dr James Egbuji, Dr Amit Thakkar 

  • Incontinence
  • Community geriatrics
  • Parkinsons
  • Movement disorders