The Chaplaincy Team - Here for you

The George Eliot Hospital Chaplaincy Team provides pastoral, spiritual and religious care to patients, visitors and staff. Our care is available to all, staff and patients of a faith group, or those who choose not to have a faith expression.  

The team offer support, prayers or simply a listening ear. They are here to help everyone, patients, relatives and staff. Our team provide a service that supports George Eliot Hospital’s equality and diversity agenda, and as much as possible, will make every effort, whatever their need to enable access to all people whom we work with and serve.

We make every effort (within staffing constraints) to ensure that a Chaplain will be available to support you in your time of need.

Please contact the Chaplaincy office (in hours, 8am-4pm) or Hospital switchboard (out of hours, 4pm-8am) to request Chaplaincy support. Due to staffing levels, from time to time and Chaplain may not be available. In such instances, please contact your local faith or belief representative to come and support you and make your nursing team aware.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding.

We share deep love and respect for everyone.

Contact us

If you need a Chaplain in working hours, please call the Chaplaincy Team on extension 5046, or call Switchboard on '0', from which you can request the on-call Chaplain.

If you need a Chaplain outside of 8am-4pm, please call George Eliot Hospital Switchboard on 02476 351 351, or 0, from which you can request the on-call Duty Chaplain who will gladly assist you.


Office Tel: 024 7686 5046


Updated March 2023

Chaplaincy team

Honorary Chaplains

Chaplains of other faith and belief groups are available upon request, from the community, when individually available. Please don’t hesitate to ask for your specific belief group if this is important to you and we will make every effort to connect you with someone who can support you.

Chaplaincy Support at George Eliot

Chaplains are skilled professionals who are confident and present listeners, who can help you explore how you are feeling when an inpatient or an outpatient. We provide specialty support in areas of spiritual, pastoral and religious care.

Our support extends to relatives as well. If you would like the support of a Chaplain, please call us.

Referrals & Support

If you would like to refer a friend or loved one for a visit from a Chaplain, please call us on our number listed below. We have access all areas of the hospital, so please don’t hesitate to connect with us.

Please note: if you are not the listed next of kin for a particular patient, we are not able to provide follow up information on a referred individual.

Chaplains regularly visit all wards and are always happy to see patients or visitors, to be a listening ear, or to provide specialist spiritual, pastoral, or religious support.

If a patient would like to speak to a chaplain, they can simply attract their attention when they see them, contact via the details above, or ask a member of their ward staff to contact the chaplaincy team.

The work of Chaplaincy is supported by a wonderful team of multi-faith and belief volunteers, who help to support our patients and their families.

There is a prayer and quiet room within the Chaplaincy Centre which holds regular services for both Muslim and Christian faiths. This room is always open as a quiet place to sit and be. Should someone be using this space, please feel free to share this space quietly or wait until it is free.

The Chaplaincy Centre, containing our prayer and quiet room, as well as small tables and chairs to reflect, find spend your break, can be found on the ground floor of the hospital between X-ray and the Solomon Macey Endoscopy Unit. It's always open, offering a place of peace and calm - and everyone is welcome.

Please feel free to enjoy our gardens weather permitting.