The Solomon Macey Endoscopy Unit at George Eliot Hospital is a purpose built unit which has been in operation since March 2017. Our endoscopy service provides a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures to patients across Nuneaton, Bedworth, North Warwickshire and surrounding areas. The Endoscopy Unit continues to maintain accreditation with the Joint Advisory Group for GI Endoscopy (JAG) by the Royal College of Physicians after all requirements relating to the quality and safety of patient care was inspected in 2018. This accreditation places the Solomon Macey Endoscopy Unit within the top third of hospitals in the country.

Contact us

Endoscopy Main Number: 024 7686 5034 (booking office number)

Main Reception: 024 7686 5733 (bookings and/or confirmations will not be accepted on this number)

Lead Endoscopy consultant

Edmund Sung.jpg

Dr Edmond Sung, MBChB, MRCP (Edin), FRCP (lon), MD (Warwick)

  • Consultant Gastroenterologist and General Physician
  • Clinical Lead for Nutrition and Endoscopy

Consultant Endoscopists

  • Dr Edmond Sung (Lead)
  • Dr Sankara Raman
  • Dr Noor Hossain
  • Dr Matilda Beckley
  • Dr Gordon Wood
  • Mr Vijay Jadhav
  • Mr Karimuthu Marimuthu
  • Mr Bala Piramanayagam
  • Mr Aravindan Narayanan
  • Mr Lourdusamy Selvam
  • Dr Christine O'Brien
  • Dr Rahul Bhat
  • Dr Claire Williams
  • Mr Andrea Ginepri
  • Mr Sid Singh
  • Mr Aslam

Lead Nurse for Endoscopy: Anna Reynolds

Nurse Endoscopists

  • Endoscopist and Lead Nurse for Endoscopy: Anna Reynolds
  • Lead Nurses for Endoscopy
    • Nicola Howard -
    • Natalie Coleman -
    • Karen Wright - Gastro Nurse (Nurse endoscopist/oesophageal studies)
    • Loretta Short (Urology and Endoscopy) 
    • Joanne Coyle - (Nutrition Support, Capsule Endoscopy, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Biologics /Iron infusion service)

Clinical Nurse specialists

  • Daljit Chohan - (Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Capsule Endoscopy, Biologics / Iron infusion service) Tel: 02476 865364.  
  • Joanne Coyle - (Nutrition Support, Capsule Endoscopy, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Biologics /Iron infusion service)
  • Natalie Flowers - Lead Gastroenterology Clinical Nurse Specialist (Nutrition, Hepatology, Small Bowel Capsule)
    Contact: 02476 153943
  • Jo Leonard - Gastroenterology Advanced Clinical Practitioner
  • Louise Roberts (Colorectal Clinical Nurse specialist) (Key Workers for Colorectal Cancer patients; Nurse Led New patient and follow-up clinics including 2ww referrals; family screening; Ano-rectal physiology and Endo-Anal Ultrasound; Biofeedback) Tel: 024 7615 3126 
  • Rachel Whitehorn ( Specialist Upper GI Clinical Nurse Specialist)  Tel: 02476 153845.
  • Tracy Kates ( Specialist Lung Clinical Nurse Specialist )


The endoscopy team support several specialities within George Eliot Hospital including; Gastroenterology; Colorectal Services, Urology and Respiratory. The unit is open Monday to Friday and also operates an emergency GI bleed service 24 hours per day – 7 days per week. Currently, the unit undertakes around 7000 procedures per year.

Endoscopy is a procedure where the inside of various parts of the body can be examined using an endoscope. An endoscope is used to investigate unusual symptoms and to assist the doctors in diagnosing any health issues.

The most common procedures undertaken within the unit are:

  • Gastroscopy (oesophagus, stomach and upper duodenum)
  • Thermal and laser treatments for GI bleeds
  • Colonoscopy (whole bowel)
  • Flexible Sigmoidoscopy (lower bowel)
  • Cystoscopy (urethra and bladder)
  • EBUS Bronchoscopy (lungs)
  • ERCP (Common bile duct and pancreatic duct)
  • PEG insertions
  • Upper and lower gastrointestinal (GI) stents

All patients attending for procedures are pre-assessed to ensure that all patients are fit, prepared and fully informed of their impending procedure. This helps to reduce the number of procedures cancelled on the day due to patients being unprepared or unfit.

Who is Solomon Macey?

Solomon Macey is a minor character in the writer George Eliot's shortest Novel Silas Marner. He is an old man, famous for playing happy music on the violin to the local people of Raveloe village.

Silas Marner is a lonely linen Weaver who lives at the edge of his village wo works all hours to make more money - his gold. His journey during the book is about finding the 'gold' in his own family, friends and community is worth more than money and wealth. 


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Did you know?

Solomon Macey was a character from the George Eliot Book Silas Marner. George Eliot was a successful writer born in Nuneaton.


Please follow instructions in your letter to attend your Endoscopy Appointment. The department is situated in the main hospital just past the chapel on the left hand side. Follow signs from main reception or ask one of our volunteers.


From main reception head towards the first crossroads (just after the cafe) and turn right. Follow signs towards the chapel through the double doors. Go past the chapel and carry on along the corridor. The Endoscopy unit is on the left hand side.