maternity-img.jpgVisitors are no longer required to wear facemasks, unless it is the visitor’s personal preference.

Community midwives are no longer wearing masks in the community. Mums-to-be are advised to contact your midwife prior to visiting if you or any of your household are COVID-19 positive.

Ensure that you are decontaminating your hands on arrival and leaving the hospital. Use the sinks provided in the entrance areas to the hospital and wash your hands with soap and water and then use the hand gel provided.

Please DO NOT visit if you are unwell with coughs/colds, flu like symptoms or with symptoms of diarrhoea and vomiting.

One person is permitted to attend all scan appointments and antenatal clinic appointments. Children are not permitted to attend scan or antenatal clinic appointments.

One person is permitted to attend in these areas. Children are not permitted to attend these areas.

One named birth partner and one essential additional visitor will be permitted for those in labour.

Children will not be permitted on to delivery suite.

Out of hours visits to Maternity Assessment Unit are treated on the delivery suite and women may be accompanied by one person.

Partners are permitted between 8.00am - 8.00pm. 

Two additional visitors may visit between 2.30pm - 4.30pm. 

Brothers and sisters of the new baby are welcome between 2:30pm- 4:30pm. They should remain at the bed space and be supervised by an appropriate adult at all times. 

Movement around the ward area should be limited.

Individual circumstances will be considered. If you require any additional support or information, please send a message to us via Facebook or contact us via telephone

We welcome parents and siblings at any time, day or night.

Please ring the buzzer to enter the Unit, and remove outdoor clothing.

Everyone should wash their hands with soap and water, apply alcohol gel.

You are welcome to take photos of your baby but please do not answer your mobile phone in the nursery.

Well, supporting adults may visit between 2.00pm- 7.30pm.

The only children to visit should be baby’s brothers and sisters.  Children under 12 years of age can be in addition to 2 adults at the cot side.

All visitors must be accompanied by a parent, with a maximum of 2 people at the cot side. At times, visitors may be asked to wait in the waiting area, during feed times, for safety, privacy, or to facilitate parental bonding. We will aim to minimise these times.  Grandparents are able to hold well babies that are in a cot with parental consent.

Further information can be obtained from the nursing staff or information folder.