We are a team of Clinical and Counselling Psychologists who provide psychological services to people under the care of a consultant at George Eliot hospital. We provide psychological assessment and intervention for people with difficulties associated with health problems or medical conditions.

If you think you might need psychological intervention associated with your physical health please discuss with your George Eliot Hospital consultant or healthcare professional. They will refer you directly to us if they think our service is appropriate to meet your needs.

Contact us

Tel: 024 7615 3505 (please leave messages on voice mail if prompted). 

Head of Service
Dr Louise Price – Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Team Secretary
Jackie Coleman

Dr Shilpa Patel – Clinical Psychologist
Dr Rachel Wakelin – Clinical Psychologist
Julie Wilson – Counselling Psychologist

The Physical Health Psychology Department provides a psychological service to patients of George Eliot Hospital that are struggling to accept and come to terms with their condition/prognosis.  

We support patients in coping with physical health conditions. This includes acute trauma, chronic illnesses and life limiting illnesses. We also maintain close links with professionals from services outside of the general medical field such as mental health and the voluntary sector.

Patients are seen in out-patient clinics and appointments are arranged via face to face sessions, phone sessions or virtual consultations. We accept referrals for patients who are under the care of a Consultant at George Eliot Hospital. This includes departments such as Oncology, Pain Management, Respiratory, Cardiac and other health conditions.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not currently funded to accept referrals for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,