Published on: 30 May 2024

Following a successful pilot that focused on the ENT and Oral Surgery specialties, our Patient Portal has now been expanded to Urology and Plastic Surgery.

Patients who have an upcoming appointment with these specialties will be invited via text message to register with the portal, where they can digitally view their appointment letters and details.

The portal is an online system that can be accessed anywhere, 24/7 using a secure username and password; and is currently available to patients aged 18 and over.

Currently, patients can view appointment letters in the portal, and choose to go paperless for future letters. Further functionality will be added gradually over the coming months and years, including the option to change or cancel appointments.

Joining the portal is optional, and opting out won't impact the care patients receive.

To find out more about the portal, view video tutorials, and for more information on future features, click here.