Published on: 8 July 2024

The NHS in Coventry and Warwickshire is rolling out the Targeted Lung Health Check service to North Warwickshire, following the successful launch in Coventry and Rugby in 2021.

The Targeted Lung Health Check programme targets those who are at higher risk of lung cancer and invites them to be assessed by a healthcare professional. The aim is to identify the signs of lung cancer in the early stages, giving the best possible chance of successful treatment.

The service is targeting people aged between 55 and 74 and who are current or former smokers, with these factors putting them at higher risk of developing lung cancer.

David Assheton, who lives in Rugby, is one of the patients who was invited for a lung health check. After receiving his letter and having a phone assessment with a NHS Lung Health Check Nurse, he attended a low dose CT scan at the mobile unit at his local Sainsbury’s.

Despite him having no symptoms and being extremely active, playing both hockey and tennis regularly, the scan showed a shaded area on his right lung that needed further investigation.

After seeing a specialist and being diagnosed with lung cancer, he underwent surgery to remove to 10% of his right lung. The operation was a success and the affected area removed - he is now cancer free.

David said: “Going for a lung health check meant my lung cancer was detected early and I was able to make a full recovery.

“I had no symptoms and I was fit as a fiddle, playing international masters hockey, tennis and being generally active, so it came as a surprise when I received my diagnosis. However, I can’t speak highly enough of the service. The staff were incredibly professional and supported me the whole way through the process.

“Thanks to the service I was able to access treatment quickly and I’m now cancer free. My advice to anyone who receives an invitation to a lung health check would be to do it – it could save your life.”

The rollout to North Warwickshire comes after the service has proved extremely successful in Coventry and Rugby over the past three years and the service is currently scheduled to be expanded to South Warwickshire in 2026. The North Warwickshire rollout will be carried out gradually over the next 21 months.

So far, over 28,000 lung checks have been carried out, resulting in just over 11,000 referrals for a low dose CT scan. This has increased the early detection of lung cancer from 20% before the programme launched to 77.2%, making a massive impact on the NHS’s ability to identify and treat lung cancer and dramatically increasing patients’ chances of survival.

In order to make these checks as accessible as possible, a mobile CT scanner is used which allows scans to take place in convenient community locations. These are usually well-serviced by public transport and the details of the locations are shared with patients once it has been determined they are at increased risk and need a low dose CT scan.

Those who are eligible for a lung health check and who are a patient at a participating practice will receive a letter inviting them to book an initial phone assessment. If you believe you are eligible and haven’t received an invitation, please contact the Targeted Lung Health Check booking team on 02475 268 666, or email

For more information on the Targeted Lung Health Check programme, please visit: