Published on: 11 March 2024

George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust’s endoscopy service has been given a prestigious stamp of approval by The Royal College of Physicians, who described the ethos, professionalism and culture of the hospital as exceptionally high.

George Eliot Hospital Endoscopy Service TeamThe service received the feedback after being inspected by assessors from The Royal College of Physicians’ Joint Advisory Group (JAG) for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, who heaped praise on the team and the facilities.

The inspectors described the service as ‘safe, well led and clinically governed with the team working closely together in an inclusive and respectful way’.

The hospital’s clinical lead for endoscopy, Dr Edmond Sung, praised the team who contributed to this achievement saying: “Achieving such exceptional feedback as part of JAG accreditation is a recognition of the hard work, dedication and pride that the whole team have in the service we provide to our patients.

"We would like to acknowledge the contribution of our late Clinical Director, Dr. Winston Crasto, for his strategic vision in relation to workforce, funding and training of new endoscopists throughout his role that has enabled our success."

Anna Reynolds, nurse lead said: “I wish to thank every single person who has contributed to the continued improvement of the service providing not only an exceptional patient-centred care for our patients, but also a model service which can be used to shape endoscopy across the country.

The unit received praise for their role in providing high quality endoscopy training to regional trainees as part of the West Midlands Training Academy. Mr. Vijay Jadhav, unit training lead said: “The assessors have reaffirmed our unit’s ambition in becoming a centre of excellence in training for the future endoscopy workforce in our region”.

George Eliot Hospital’s JAG assessment report stated: “The assessors saw multiple examples of innovative working and approaches to challenges, supported by the management teams and staff. The clinical leads are inspirational and demonstrate high standards of involvement”.

“There is excellent ongoing development of staff and career opportunities, with the workforce engaged and interested in their work and patient care.

“Patients spoke of the compassion and kindness shown to them, with clear information given throughout their pathway.

“Staff are well trained and supported by an outstanding nurse lead and encouraged in their learning by practice facilitators.

“This is an excellent site for training in endoscopy, led by an enthusiastic and inclusive training lead.

“We congratulate the service on becoming a spoke within the Midlands Endoscopy Academy. This site exemplifies the model envisaged when the hub/spoke system for endoscopy training academies was devised.”

The team are already looking at how they can use the feedback provided by inspectors to further enhance the care given to patients, with a firm commitment to delivering world class care to patients undergoing endoscopy.