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Special Care Baby Unit

Our special care baby unit

Our Special Care Baby Unit has 12 cots for babies who need a bit of extra help.

Our babies are cared for by a multidisciplinary team of doctors, neonatal nurses, registered nurses, nursing associates, health care support workers and allied health care professionals including and not exclusive to dieticians, pharmacist and Speech and Language therapists.

We follow the philosophy of Family Integrated Care (FICare) which means you will be fully involved in your babies care and decision making whilst being supported by the nursing and medical team.

Please scan the QR code below or click here for a virtual tour of our unit:

Unit manager: Maria Bull

Contact us at any time: 02476 865258

Please accept our apologies, we are only able to provide information to parents.

You should be updated by a senior doctor about your baby’s condition and treatment within 24 hours of admission.

We encourage parents to attend the daily ward round, where the nursing and medical team will review your baby and discuss the plan of care.


We welcome parents and siblings at any time, day or night.

Please ring the buzzer to enter the Unit, and remove outdoor clothing.

Everyone should wash their hands with soap and water, apply alcohol gel and a surgical facemask before entering the nursery.

You are welcome to take photos of your baby but please do not answer your mobile phone in the nursery.

Well, supporting adults may visit between 2pm- 7.30pm.

The only children to visit should be baby’s brothers and sisters.  Children under 12 years of age can be in addition to 2 adults at the cotside.

All visitors must be accompanied by a parent, with a maximum of 2 people at the cotside. At times, visitors may be asked to wait in the waiting area, during feed times, for safety, privacy, or to facilitate parental bonding. We will aim to minimise these times.  Grandparents are able to hold well babies that are in a cot with parental consent.

Further information can be obtained from the nursing staff or information folder.

Updated March 2022

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