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Scans during pregnancy

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If you wish to purchase a photograph following your scan appointment we offer the following: 

1x scan for £5

3x scans for £10 

Cash payment only.

Prior to attending 1st floor to check in for your scan, you must pay for the scans at the pharmacy front desk. They will issue you with a token which is to be given to your sonographer completing your scan to retrieve your photographs.

We would like to remind anyone attending maternity, for an ultrasound scan, that children under the age of 14 are not permitted in the scan room. Please note that if any children accompany mum's for ultrasound scan appointments then unfortunately the appointment will need to be re-booked. We do allow up to two people over the age of 14, to accompany you. Children under the age of 14 cannot be left unattended in the waiting room. An ultrasound scan is an important medical examination, and it is treated in the same way as any other hospital investigation. 

What scans to expect during your pregnancy

Dating Scan - All pregnant women are offered an ultrasound scan at around 11 weeks and two days and 14 weeks and one day of pregnancy. This scan is called the dating scan. It's used to see how far along in your pregnancy you are and check your baby's development. Your midwife or doctor will book you a dating scan appointment.

Nuchal Translucency Scan - This is also offered to pregnant mums at the same time as the Dating Scan. This in conjunction with a blood test assesses the risk of Down Syndrome in babies. Nuchal translucency is a collection of fluid under the skin at the back of your baby's neck. All pregnant women are offered a nuchal translucency(NT) scan if they are below 20 weeks of pregnancy. It is an optional test.

Anomaly Scan -  An anomaly scan takes a careful look at your baby and your uterus (womb). This is taken at approximately 18- 20 weeks to check that everything is developing normally with your baby, and where the placenta is lying in your uterus. It checks their health, size, heart rate, kidneys etc. The scan looks for a number of specific problems within the baby but does not and cannot look for every possible concern. Sometimes the babies position may mean you require a second scan to ensure that everything is seen clearly. A second scan doesn't mean that something is wrong. If the scan does raise concerns you may be offered an additional scan with a consultant. The screening team will discuss this with you if necessary.

Other scans - The only reason you may require additional scans is if your community midwife  has any concerns about your babies growth or your consultant requests them. 

Scans are performed by trained radiographers or midwives trained in ultrasound and are known as sonographers. They put a cold gel on your tummy and move a small, hand held probe called a transducer over your skin to get a view of your baby. High frequency sound waves are used to transmit an image of your baby onto a computer screens,

Please attend scans with a full bladder

Patients are requested to attend their scan with a full bladder. For a scan we recommend 6 glasses of water an hour before the scan. 

Consultants also offer a fetal medicine clinic. You will be provided information about this if needed.