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QSIR success supports service improvement at George Eliot Hospital

Alison Bolton and Libby Holland.png

Clinical Audit & Effectiveness Nurse, Libby Holland is the first Quality, Service improvement and Redesign (QSIR) Teaching Faculty Associate at George Eliot Hospital – meaning she is now qualified to teach the QSIR Practitioner Programme and use her improvement knowledge to train her colleagues.

QSIR is an accredited, nationally recognised programme which is being used to increase improvement capability and capacity within the NHS by teaching valuable service improvement skills to both clinical and non-clinical staff.

Twenty Five staff from across the Trust have also been trained as practitioners through local delivery with another twelve staff receiving training from the national team. 

In April 2019 each Trust Board within our Foundation Group agreed that we would formally introduce the Quality, Service improvement and Redesign (QSIR) Practitioner Programme into our organisations as our standard improvement approach.  QSIR is a practical development programme that will give staff the tools and techniques needed to deliver quality and service improvement projects. 

QSIR provides a framework to hang a project from and focuses on using data to inform improvement, based on small tests of change.  The training provides a consistent and sustainable approach, and an opportunity to develop skills and gain accreditation in improvement methodology.

Libby said:“QSIR gives me access to excellent, ready-made resources and training so that I can share my knowledge with other staff at the hospital and localise QSIR to our own needs.”

Alison Bolton, Group Associate Director of Improvement said:”QSIR is already giving staff within our Foundation Group the skills to make quality / service improvements and enhance the care and safety of patients in the hospital and local community.

“Having the necessary skills to run the courses closer to home will help us further increase the number of our staff with the QSIR knowledge skill set.

“Well done Libby for her achievement and I look forward to George Eliot Hospital seeing the benefits soon”


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