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Oasis relaxation therapy lead at George Eliot Hospital speaks at conference in China

Oasis therapy lead speaks at Conference in China

Oasis relaxation therapy lead at George Eliot Hospital speaks at conference in China.

Innovative aromatherapy service lead, Sue Mousley was invited to speak at a conference in China last month.

Sue was invited to be Executive Chair at the 3rd Annual Conference of the International Association of Self Healing, held on 16th and 17th December 2017 in Beijing, China.

Sue spoke about stress and stress management and linked this to her work within the Oasis therapy service, a pioneering project developed at the George Eliot Hospital. Oasis was established to help patients who experience a high level of anxiety about hospital visits. 

Oasis is run by trained community volunteers who regularly provide sessions for staff, patients and visitors within the hospital from the self-funded relaxation therapy room in Combe House. They also work closely with the Chaplaincy team based at the hospital.

A public project in China is intending to replicate Oasis and its concepts and is keen to forge ideas and links further in 2018 regarding elderly care and stress management.

Sue Mousley, Oasis team leader said: “Our service was the first of its kind within an NHS Hospital, and we were delighted to share our learning with others in China.

“Our dedicated Oasis therapy room opened two years ago and provides a peaceful environment where a person can relax and learn ways of controlling their feelings of anxiety.”

“I was honoured to attend the event in Beijing and share our work with other specialists, not only in the field of complementary therapy but also Professors and Doctors from different areas in conventional care.”

The service has gradually expanded over the last two years to offer relaxation therapies to members of staff as well as patients, and to go to the patient at the bedside where appropriate. Therapies provided include hand massage, aromatherapy, visualisation, relaxation and breathing techniques as well as advice about dealing with stress and anxiety.

The theme of the conference was pain and stress management and how to combine conventional and complementary care and research. Speakers at the conference included Daniele Ryman, internationally renowned aromatherapist and a supporter of the arts programme at George Eliot Hospital, as well as many medical specialists from hospitals, clinics and universities in China.

Sue donated her time for free and her visit and travel expenses were organised by host Dr Ren Peng, Chairman of the International Aromatherapy Society (IAS)

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