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Mother praises hospital’s maternity service

A mother from Nuneaton is praising maternity staff at George Eliot Hospital who supported her through a natural birthing process.

After having her first two children through caesarean section, Kirsty Stretton was determined to give birth to her third naturally. When she became pregnant with her third child, she came under care of midwives at the George Eliot.

Kirsty made it clear early on that she would like to go through the natural birth process. Midwife Sue Mousley took her through all of the options that were available to her. Kirsty opted to try ‘hypnobirthing’, a process that involves teaching women simple self-hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques that help them remain in control and relaxed during the labour process.

Kirsty explained: “I was really impressed by the options available to me and the enthusiasm of Sue and the other midwives to help and support me through the process of having a natural birth. While I still experienced a lot of pain during labour, the hypnobirthing techniques helped me to cope with it and I always felt in control.”

In addition, Kirsty and husband Darren learnt aroma massage techniques that Darren could administer to help Kirsty relax during labour. Kirsty said: “This helped Darren become part of the birth process rather than just being an onlooker and he really appreciated this.”

Sue Mousley, a former Chair of the The International Federation of Aromatherapists, cared for Kirsty during her pregnancy and has played a key role in implementing complimentary natural birthing techniques and treatments at the George Eliot. Sue said: “Every labour is different and it is difficult to prepare a woman for exactly what to expect. What we can do is introduce techniques that will help them to cope naturally with what is happening to their body during the process.”

On 8th December, Kirsty gave birth to baby Chester at the George Eliot maternity unit. Sue and husband Darren were both delighted and thanked maternity staff at the hospital: “I was amazed at how supportive the staff were. Despite the issues I’d had with my first two births, they never tried to talk me out of having a natural birth, they said they would support me all the way and do everything they could to ensure I could go through the process.

“Every member of staff I came across, whether it was in the community, the labour suite or the Drayton neonatal ward, was brilliant. I felt as though they really cared for me and I always felt in safe hands. Nothing was too much for them and I can’t thank them enough.”

Sue continued: “A natural birth is ideal, but we understand that every woman and every pregnancy is different and we will always do all we can to support the woman through her chosen birth plan. We will work with every mother to find a package of care that is right for them. We’re quite happy to discuss the options available to women at an early stage of their pregnancy.”

For more information on the natural birth services available from the George Eliot contact Sue Mousley on 024 7686 5022.