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National Maternity Survey shows improvement for George Eliot Hospital

Maternity Unit 2016

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) Maternity Survey published this week demonstrated improvements at the George Eliot Hospital Maternity Unit in eleven key areas, during a survey carried out in July 2017. The Trust also scored better in ten questions than the average for all Trusts in this national survey of more than 18,000 people in England.

The survey results revealed the responses from women who had given birth in February 2017 in services run by 130 NHS trusts across the country.

Improvements at the George Eliot Hospital highlighted areas such as advice at the start of labour, partner involvement and confidence and trust in the staff caring for them during labour and birth.

Women were asked questions about all aspects of their maternity care from the first time they saw a clinician or midwife, during labour and birth, through to the care provided at home in the weeks following the arrival of their baby.

These results showed that the George Eliot Hospital Maternity Unit had shown improvements in eleven areas since the survey was last carried out in 2015 and hadn’t demonstrated any areas where experiences had worsened.

The responses to the 2017 survey also demonstrated a number of notable improvements compared to other Trusts, including:

Antenatal – The number of women who saw their preferred midwife most of the time.

Labour and Birth – The advice and support from the midwife or hospital, partner involvement, staff introducing themselves and confidence and trust in staff.

Care after birth – Hospital room or ward cleanliness, decisions about feeding, being given enough information about potential emotional changes they might experience after giving birth, being seen by a midwife after birth or after care visits.

Associate Director of Midwifery, Women and Children, Alison Talbot said: “This survey shows some very real improvements about the quality of maternity services provided by George Eliot Hospital. This is a real testament to the efforts and dedication of our staff who are working hard to provide excellent care for  women and their families in our local area.

“Recent improvements at the hospital for partners include our ‘Mum Plus One’ scheme allowing partners to stay overnight, IT facilities for parents during labour, the Drayton ward family room, free parking for 24 hours and meals for partners. All these initiatives were reflected by the improvement scores for partner involvement.”

“The questionnaire reflects the priorities and concerns of mothers and is based upon what is most important from their perspective. While, much of the report is positive, it will also help us to create an action plan to address where further improvements to services can be made.” 

The questionnaire was developed through consultation with mothers, clinicians and Trusts.

Further information about the results of the questionnaire can be found onwww.cqc.org.uk

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