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Maternity Service Manager celebrates the birth of her baby within the maternity unit she leads.

Maternity Manager and Baby Iwan

Claire Price welcomed her own little bundle of joy this week within the service that she leads - George Eliot Hospital’s Maternity Unit.

Baby Iwan made his appearance a couple of weeks early to his proud parents, who both work at the George Eliot Hospital. Claire is the Associate Director of Midwifery, while physiotherapist Dominic has worked at the Eliot for ten years.

Claire said: “I am so proud to have had my baby at the George Eliot Hospital. I didn’t want to have my baby anywhere else because the team here is so wonderful and I have full trust in them, they are all incredible.

Birthing pool
Claire enjoying the mood lighting within one of the birthing pools

“I gave birth in one of the fantastic birthing pools and highly recommend water birth to other mums-to-be; it made me feel really relaxed and comfortable.”

Dominic said: “We couldn’t fault the team in maternity and want to thank all of the staff for supporting us during the birth, especially our amazing midwives Clare Curran & Rebekah Kaur Davies.

“We live in Solihull, but the George Eliot Hospital is only half an hour away and we are so glad that we made the decision to have Iwan at the hospital we are very proud to work at.”

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