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Covid-19 testing launched for patient facing staff

Lateral Flow test.PNG

George Eliot Hospital has launched home testing for its patient facing staff. Staff are being asked to use the lateral flow tests at home twice weekly before they come to work to help identify Covid-19 positive results in asymptomatic and symptomatic workers. The test involves a handheld kit that gives a result - a bit like a pregnancy test - in about 20 minutes, without the need for a lab. Fluid from a nasal swab or saliva goes on one end, then a marking appears if the test is positive. Any staff who report a positive result are then called in for a PCR test at the hospital’s swabbing facility.

Director of Nursing , Daljit Athwal said: “Twice weekly voluntary testing of all patient-facing staff is another valuable weapon in our fight against Covid-19 and will further help keep our staff and patients safe. The new tests will find healthy people who may be infected, but are not yet displaying symptoms. They can then isolate and prevent themselves spreading the virus. We still rely on public support to tackle the virus and call for local people to observe the new Tier 3 rules coming in this week and to follow Government guidance around hands, face, space.”

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