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A dog named Nason!

Nason the Dog VF.jpg

As a tribute to the ‘amazing and brilliant staff’, a former George Eliot Hospital patient has named his puppy ‘Nason’ after the ward that treated him. 

In James Prince’s emotional feedback to the Trust following his care, he  commended Nason Ward for their ‘kind-hearted and friendly’ hospital staff who went above and beyond to make all patients feel reassured, comfortable and safe.

In James’ touching thanks, he also stated  he was going to originally call the Border Collie Devon but switched to Nason due to the name meaning a lot to him.

Nason, a rare lilac blue merle colour, was expected on the same day (Wednesday 09 December) as James was admitted to Nason Ward. However, the puppy’s mum instead started to give birth on the day doctors told James he would be going home. Nason was born on Monday 14 December – the day James was discharged from hospital.

James said: “I'm not sure if the ward has had a dog named after it before but it has now. Thank you to everyone for the care and support you gave me. It didn't make a difference what colour uniform you were wearing, you all showed care and professionalism and above all a warm gentle smile despite having to wear masks.

“Nason Ward, you are all amazing people and I have admiration and respect for all of you.”

Ward Manager, Tracy Emms said: “All the staff on Nason are really delighted that a dog has been named after our ward, it raised the morale of the team and we intend to display a picture of Nason within our ward.”

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