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George Eliot Hospital - NHS Trust
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Cardio Respiratory Unit (CRU)

Contact details

Main Contact Number: 024 7686 5128

Fax: 024 7686 5673

Service Manager: Michelle Holt

Email: CRURECEPTION@geh.nhs.uk

Associated Consultants:-


  • Dr Christine O’Brien
  • Dr Clare Williams 
  • Dr Carol Min
  • Dr Rahul Bhat



  • Dr Asok Venkataraman
  • Dr Mahdi Halim 
  • Dr Ahmad Tahir
  • Dr Suresh Krishnamoorthy


Gastroenterology: Dr Edmond Sung

Updated November 2022

Service manager

Name: Michelle Holt

E-mail: CRURECEPTION@geh.nhs.uk

Specialty details

 About the service:

The Clinical Physiologists within CRU offer a range of Cardiology, Respiratory and Gastro diagnostic testing supported by Assistant and Associate Practitioners. Full Cardiac devices follow up service and an Open Access Echocardiography Service are also provided.

Services and clinics

Cardiology services
  • ECG (ElectroCardioGram)This is the most common test that CRU performs.
  • EchocardiogramAnother test that requires all top half clothes to be removed.
  • Exercise tolerance test (ETT)This is a simple non-invasive test which is used to assess the coronary arteries by looking at changes on the ECG as the heart rate rises.
  • Twenty-four hour blood pressure monitorThis is worn over 24hours and at regular intervals throughout the day and night the BP cuff inflates and records changes in your blood pressure.
  • Twenty-four hour tapeThis is a recorder that is attached via leads on your chest and measures your ECG over a set period of time.

Respiratory services

Vascular services
  • ABPIA test to look at the arteries in your ankles.


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