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George Eliot Hospital - NHS Trust
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How to do Business with the Trust - A guide for suppliers 

General Stock 3 2016

Thank you for your interest in contracting with the Trust.

All about the Trust

The role of the Procurement Team is to support service areas to spend money compliantly, seeking best quality and value for money in line with purchasing rules . The Trust has a non- pay spend of approximately  50m per year  and purchasing rules  the Trust has to follow are set out in local policy (Trust Standing Financial Instructions), and are set out by Law (Public Contract Regulations 2015) 

All goods, work and services must be raised by means of a purchase order. Unless stated otherwise in tenders, examples of terms and conditions applicable to purchasing include the following:

NHS Terms and conditions when  contracting with  commercial organisations

NHS Terms and conditions applicable when purchasing clinical services


 The Trust may access Framework agreements available to the public sector via a number of buying consortiums, otherwise known as Central Purchasing Bodies Examples of buying consortiums include: 

ESPO;  Crown Commercial Services, Health Trust EuropeNHS Supply Chain, Shared Business services; London Procurement Partnership; The  North of England Central Purchasing Consortium

Where the Trust does not access Framework agreements, awarded by Central Purchasing Bodies, for high value requirements ( over EU thresholds) it advertises  requirements on the following sites via an electronic e portering system called Delta E Sourcing  

·         Contracts finder

·         TED publications 

For low value requirements e.g. under £30,000, the Trust may seek up to three quotations.

Useful Information for Suppliers

We value supplier interest in working with the Trust and hold informal drop in sessions to share tips for tendering, and to listen to support that would be helpful to suppliers

Tips for supplier tendering

 Help selling  goods to the Public sector

 EU Thresholds

How to become a supplier on a Framework Agreement :


Crown Commercial Services 

Clinical Product Trial Process

Tips for suppliers seeking Trust clinical product introductions

The Trust has a Clinical Procurement Specialist Nurse (CPNS) who the coordinates activity of supplier representatives in regard to clinical product trials, together with the purchase of related equipment and consumables. The CPNS  also advises the Trust on joining with Department of Health procurement initiatives on clinical products, other product standardisation opportunities, market innovation and about steps the Trust to improve  service efficiency in the hospital  through better product use. 

The Clinical Product Evaluation Group meets monthly and supports the CPNS with decision making process around clinical product changes and improvements through a trail evaluation process

As a small Trust, we welcome Framework Agreement initiatives that provide compliant commercial market routes, evidence of quality product assessment and therefore access to lower prices through “bigger buying product opportunities”.

Areas being focussed on are in the Trust procurement plan, located above on this main web procurement page. This document is updated in a quarterly basis and is designed to increase transparency in procurement planning.

Supplier Guidance -3 steps

Step 1- Look and seek if the product is under review on the Trust procurement plan

Step 2-Email purchasing@geh.nhs.uk with the Framework Agreement name and reference your company is on, enquiry detail and product pricing details. Add in email subject: For the attention of the CPNS: add name of clinical product

Step 3 – The Clinical Procurement Specialist Nurse may contact you when the product is at renewal stage for more information.

Note that the links to other websites are not an endorsement by George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust and we are not responsible for the content of third party websites 

For all procurement related enquiries please email: