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Heart Failure Support

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Heart Failure Nurse Ray Upchurch
Events for patients will be included here.

Useful Links

George Eliot Hospital Heart Failure Nursing Service

George Eliot Hospital Cardiology Team

British Heart Foundation 0300 456 8383


Pumping Marvellous (Heart Failure Charity) 


Keep It Pumping (Heart Failure Charity)  


Top tips to help support a healthier heart

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat a healthy well balanced diet and avoid adding salt to your food
  • Limit your alcohol intake to 2-3 units a day for both men and women.
  • Ensure you have at least 2 alcohol free days
  • Ensure that you have your flu jab.
  • If you are a smoker – stop or contact Warwickshire Stop Smoking Service on www.quit4good.co.uk
  • Remember your five a day (both fruit and vegetables)
  • Exercise for half an hour, five times a week


Additional tips for patients who have experienced heart failure.

  • Weigh yourself daily and if you notice an increase in weight by 3-4 1bs (2kg) in 3-4 days contact your Heart Failure Nurse or GP. 
  • Unless directed otherwise limit your fluid intake to 2 litres a day or 7-8 mugs of fluid. 
  • Ensure you take your medications as prescribed and never run out of your tablets. 
  • If you notice any changes in symptoms contact your Heart Failure Nurse or GP. 
  • Please ensure you bring your Heart Failure Passport to every appointment. 
  • Ensure you have had your once only pneumonia vaccination.   


Our Heart Failure Nurse advises any patients that have experienced heart failure to contact their GP if they experience shortness of breath, swelling of feet and legs, chronic lack of energy, swollen or tender abdomen with loss of appetite, cough with frothy sputum, increased urination at night or confusion and/or impaired memory.