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Visiting restrictions (including guidance on how to deliver items to patients on our wards)

George Eliot Hospital

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Visiting update June 2022

Patients are allowed a maximum of two bedside visitors once per day for one hour between 1pm and 8pm. 

This will be by a pre-booked appointment only. Please call the relevant ward area to request a visit. 

You will be asked a series of health questions before the visit and these will be repeated on arrival to reduce potential spread of infection to other patients, visitors or hospital staff. 

Please enter the hospital through the main entrance only

You are required to wear a surgical face mask while visiting the hospital and must maintain social distancing where possible. 

The hospital’s restaurant will remain for staff use only.

Please do not visit if you have symptoms of Covid-19 or have come into contact recently with anyone with the virus.

Restrictions may vary depending on the circumstances of individual wards and the level of infection being experienced so calling ahead is vital.

FAQ - Before you visit 

Who can visit?

Friends and family can visit patients on our main ward areas once per day for one hour between 1pm and 8pm.Patients are allowed a maximum of two bedside visitors on our ward areas once per day for one hour between 1pm and 8pm. 

Were necessary patients may also be accompanied when attending the emergency department, outpatients or diagnostic department following assessment of the department by staff to ensure social distancing can be maintained.

How do I book an appointment?

All visitors must contact the clinical area by telephone to discuss arrangements for visiting. Contact numbers for individual wards are listed in the ‘visitors’ section on our website. If relatives have been unable to arrange a visit by telephone we will individual risk assess your personal circumstances. 

Restrictions may vary depending on the circumstances of individual wards and the level of infection being experienced so calling ahead is vital.

What health questions will I be asked?

All visitors will answer a visiting health checklist to ensure that visiting is deemed safe to ensure patients remain protected.

The staff will ask visitors if they have any Covid-19 symptoms in the last 10 day sand if they have had any known Covid-19 contact in the last 10 days.

A visiting health checklist will be completed and filed in the patients’ medical notes on arrival.

I’ve had coronavirus recently - can I visit?

Anyone who has had a positive lateral flow or PCR test in the past 10 days must not visit an inpatient or accompany someone to their hospital appointment.

I have coronavirus symptoms – can I visit?

No. Anyone who is showing symptoms of Coronavirus - a new continuous cough, high temperature, recent loss of smell or taste, muscle aches and pains, nasal discharge or congestion, sore throat, wheezing or headaches in the last 10 days, must not visit or accompany someone into outpatients, even if these symptoms are mild or intermittent. If visitors display symptoms of Coronavirus  - they will be asked to leave.

I’ve been in contact with someone with coronavirus in the last 10 days – can I visit?

No. Anyone who has had contact with a person with a confirmed diagnosis of Covid -19 in the last 10 days must not visit or accompany someone to their hospital appointment.

I’ve got a stomach upset – can I visit?

Any visitors with gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea, diarrhoea and vomiting in the last 48 hours must also not visit or accompany someone into to their hospital appointment even if these symptoms are mild or intermittent.

What happens if I can’t have a face to face visit?

Where a face to face visit is not practical, we can support virtual visits by using FaceTime, WhatsApp etc. using Trust iPad’s if necessary.


FAQ - During you visit 

Why do I need to wear a face mask? I don’t have to outside

Face masks help reduce the risk of spreading airborne viruses such as Coronavirus .Visitors must continue to wear a fluid resistant face mask and maintain strict hand hygiene throughout the visit. We care for very vulnerable people and must reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus and other potentially dangerous viruses on our site.  

Can I touch or cuddle the patient I am visiting?

Yes. Gloves are not required.

Can I visit other wards of the hospital during my visit?

No, you should only visit wards where you have an appointment.

Can I use the hospital restaurant

The restaurant is closed to visitors. You are however welcome to visit the shop near our main entrance to buy refreshments.

Emergency Department

Patients should attend alone wherever possible, if a patient requires support please make this be known at check-in who will be able to assess this need.

If a carer is required, please be advised that it may not be possible to stay with the patient at all times.

Please inform our staff if you or any of your household have shown symptoms of Covid-19 or if you have you had contact with a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19 in the past 10 days.

Please be aware that you will be asked these questions when you arrive and throughout your stay. We will also take your temperature regularly, and you will be screened (swabs taken) on admission as routine.

Patients having planned surgical procedures will be notified of requirements for pre-screening, leading up to admission.

If your hospital stay is longer than seven days, we will screen you again and at any time, should you have symptoms, as above.

To help keep you and our staff safe, we may ask you to take a Lateral Flow Test  in our Accident and Emergency department. We are also requesting that you wear a face mask and gel your hands. Please work with our staff – We  are here to keep you safe and well.

Maternity Unit Visiting

For full guidance on visiting our maternity department please click here

This page includes the latest guidance on: 

  • - Scans Appointments and Antenatal Clinic Appointments
  • - Delivery Suite
  • - Drayton Ward Visiting
  • - Visiting the Special Care Baby Unit 

Patient Property

Delivering items to patients on the wards

We will do everything we can to get essential items to patients. If you have items for a patient on the ward please bring them into the main hospital reception. 

It would be really helpful if you could bring items between 9 and 4pm Monday to Friday as there are more volunteers available to help distribute items during these hours

You will be directed to our volunteer hub (opposite WH Smith) where the volunteers will sterilise items that can be sterilised, label the items and deliver to the patient for you.

Guidance for relatives:

  • Where possible please bring wipe-able items.

  • Please only bring in essential items. These can include toiletries, a mobile phone, phone charger or clothes. You are welcome to include a letter to your loved one in the bag.


Please do not pack any valuables. Any belongings brought in will not be the responsibility of the hospital.

Unless absolutely necessary, only one relative or friend should come onto the site to bring the bag.

    • Items will be taken to your loved one within 24 hours. Unfortunately we will not be able to tell you when they have received the bag

Useful links

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Site Map 

Please only enter via Main Entrance unless you are asked to use another entrance indicated by your clinic or letter. 

Please note the Cheverel Entrance is currently closed to visitors and patients.

If you have a vaccination appointment please visit Combe House
(Single story building next to car park and opposite main entrance)

When calling our switchboard (024 7635 1351) you will be able to get to the area you need quicker by selecting one of the following options: 

Option 1 - A&E Reception 
Option 2 - Pathology Department 
Option 3 - Radiology Department 
Option 4 - Physiotherapy Department