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Car parking

Car park locations

George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust encourages staff, visitors and patients to use public transport if at all possible.

There are three main car parks on the George Eliot hospital site; at the front of the main hospital building, outside the rehabilitation unit at the rear of the main hospital building and outside the maternity unit.

The car park outside the rehabilitation unit is for disabled badge holders only. Anyone parking in a disabled parking bay must display their blue badge along with their parking ticket. There are also parking spaces for the disabled in the other car parks. Patients should be advised that the rehabilitation entrance is closed at the weekend and to account for this when visiting.

Parking for motorbikes is available near the entrance to the catering area at the front of the hospital.

Please do not park cars in areas where there are double yellow lines or No Parking signs. Road space must be kept clear for ambulances and other emergency traffic.

Note: Please leave extra time for your visit to allow you to find a suitable parking space in our busy car parks. 

Patient Leaflet

Car Parking (PDF)

Parking charges

Car parking prices 

Up to 30 Minutes No Charge 
 30 minutes to 1 hour  £1.50
 Up to 2 hours £2.50 
 Up to 3 hours £3.50 
 Up to 4 hours £4.00 
 Up to 5 hours £5.00 
Up to 6 hours  £6.00 
Up to 24 hours  £7.50
 Up to 48 hours £12.50 
 Weekly ticket £15.00 
 Fortnightly ticket £25.00 
 Monthly ticket £30.00 

As a patient you might qualify for the Hospital Transport Cost Scheme, which helps some people with the costs of getting to and from hospital. Please contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) 

You may be eligible for free parking.

  • Patients coming for regular appointments in Dorothea should ask the receptionist in the department.
  • Patients coming to the Lucy Deane Unit should ask the staff in the unit.
  • Visitors to ITU or those helping to care for patients in ITU should ask the ward staff about free parking.


If you have any queries about parking please speak to someone at the main reception desk.

There are weekly, fortnightly and monthly tickets available to visitors and patients who have to make frequent visits to George Eliot Hospital. 

Once you have purchased a weekly, fortnightly or monthly ticket you can drive in and out without returning to the pay machine. The expiry date will be on your ticket from when you paid the fee.

Page updated September 2018

Ten step guide to using the car parking system

  1. Drive into the car park through the entry lane.

  2. The barrier raises and the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera reads the vehicle number plate.

  3. Park the motor vehicle.

  4. Before returning to the car park go to the payment machine.

  5. Enter the registration number of your vehicle.

  6. The cost of parking will be displayed or you can scroll through the menu to buy a weekly, fortnightly or monthly ticket.

  7. Payments can be made by cash, card or notes and there is a receipt option available.

  8. Return to your vehicle and drive towards the exit barrier.

  9. The barrier will automatically lift for exit.

  10. If the barrier does not raise, press the intercom button at the barrier.

  11. Get back in your car and drive to the barriers which will now automatically open for you

  12. If you have any problems, press the help button on the pay machines or barriers.

Car park