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Little leap year babies arrive at George Eliot Hospital

Leap Year Baby Pic

Several ‘leaplings’ were expected to arrive at George Eliot Hospital on 29 February, also known as Leap Year day.

Babies from Bedworth and Barwell were the first to make an entrance on this special day which happens only once every four years.Babies born on February 29 have to wait four years before they see their next official birthday.

The Midwifery team at the newly refurbished labour suite at the George Eliot enjoyed a busy day as babies arrived one after the other in the busy newly refurbished labour suite at the George Eliot Hospital.

Proud mum, Danielle Paskey was the first mum from the Nuneaton and Bedworth area to give birth to a leap year baby. She had been due to move house, to Wolston near Coventry, when her baby girl arrived two weeks early at 6:20am.

Danielle said: “We were moving today and I just knew that our little girl would arrive on the 29th because it was firstly a leap year and secondly the day we had planned to move house.”

“Luckily my family are all helping us move today so I plan to put my feet up when I get home.”

This beautiful surprise package was the first daughter for Danielle who already has two boys aged 8 and 9. The proud father just had time to see his daughter arrive before he had to head off to move house.

Siobhan Moore from Barwell was the first to give birth on the 29th February 2016 at 2:15am. Baby Jenson weighted 8lb and 4oz after also arriving two weeks early.

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