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Raife is first baby of the new decade at George Eliot Hospital

New Year Baby 2020 web banner.png

Mum Eloise celebrated the arrival of New Year 2020 and a new decade with a beautiful baby boy at George Eliot Hospital Maternity Unit.

Baby Raife was born at 1.34am, weighing 3.11kg, less than two hours after Eliose and partner Matt arrived at the hospital, during the New Year celebrations.

The parents from Burbage, Leicestershire, took just 15 minutes to drive to the hospital after labour started around 11pm. They arrived at the hospital at 11.40pm and could hear local fireworks during delivery.

Delighted mum Eloise said: “Raife was a lovely surprise at the start of the new decade and we can’t wait to take him home to meet his brother and sister.”

There were two more boys born later on New Year's Day.  

New Year Baby 2020 (9) - PR.JPG

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