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Have your say on new maternity design


Local people are being asked to choose a new design for the maternity building at George Eliot Hospital.

The renovation of the outside of the building is part of a £700k investment to modernise the maternity unit and comes on the back of investment last year to modernise the inside of the building and recent investment in frontline maternity staffing.

People are being asked to choose their favourite building design from five options, all of which are intended to give the building a much needed facelift.

Chief Executive, Kevin McGee, explained: “The maternity block was built in the 1960s and it is definitely looking its age. Despite this, the building and the services run from within hold a special place in the affections of local people. This planned £700k investment is intended to bring it into the 21st Century.”

Last year, maternity services at George Eliot Hospital were the subject of a wider consultation on the future of women’s and children’s services across Warwickshire. This consultation recommended that consultant led services should stay on the George Eliot site. Kevin McGee added: “There were many who thought that a full consultant led maternity service should not be run from this hospital, but the Board of Directors felt passionately that local people deserved to continue to receive this service on their doorstep and fought extremely hard to protect it. Despite the odds looking stacked against us at some points, we were successful.

“Doubts over the future of maternity services on the site were nothing new; speculation around the future of unit had been rife for many years prior to this consultation. However, the outcome of the consultation finally gave us a chance to draw a line under these doubts and plan for and invest in a bright future for the service.”

The five alternatives have been designed by local artist Alisha Miller who said: “We are aiming to create an iconic statement celebrating a building that has been a famous part of Nuneaton’s skyline for many years and the work carried out by the dedicated maternity staff at the George Eliot.”

Local people can vote for their favourite design in one of the following ways:

  • Using the voting form below.

  • Via e-mail to communications@geh.nhs.uk

  • By writing to ‘Communications Team, Lewes House, George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust, College Street, Nuneaton, CV10 7DJ’.

  • Selecting the number of your favourite design via twitter by using the appropriate hash tag – ‘#gehmat1’, ‘#gehmat2’, ‘#gehmat3’, ‘#gehmat4’ or ‘#gehmat5’.

  • By calling 024 7686 5383.


The maternity team would also like local people who have recently used the maternity service to provide feedback on the care they have received. Please include any feedback you have when responding to the poll.

The options

Option 1
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Design 1
Option 3
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Design 3
Option 5
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Design 5
Option 2
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Design 2
Option 4
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Design 4

Voting form

Maternity design voting form
Please select which option you prefer: