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Pressure sore milestone celebrated


Incidents of avoidable hospital acquired pressure sores are down at George Eliot Hospital.

In January, for the first time, the Trust went a whole month without reporting a single grade 1, 2 or 3 avoidable pressure sore (the most serious kind). This achievement was matched in February.

Director of Nursing, Dawn Wardell, points to changesto processes on wards as leading to the improvements: "It is now the responsibility of the nurse who identifies any early skin change to ensure that is escelated and actions are put in place to reduce any further damage."

The need to reduce hospital acquired avoidable pressures sores was one of the key recommendations made in last year’s Keogh Review and this is one of the ongoing improvements being implemented by the trust.

Director of Nursing, Dawn Wardell, added: “This is a fantastic achievement for our team and all of our staff have worked really hard to achieve this reduction. The aim now is to ensure we maintain our performance.”

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