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Mum Plus One initiative launched to support mums

Mum Plus One

Mum Plus One initiative launched to support mums who have their baby at George Eliot Hospital

George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust recognises that the period after the birth is both an exciting and emotional time for new mums and their family and we understand that they may wish to have their partner, or a relative, to stay overnight with them on Drayton Ward.

The new initiate encourages partners or a relative to stay with the new mum to help assist them with baby care and by collecting mum’s meals and refreshments.

The team on the ward will be able to offer assistance to partners or relatives should they need any help.

If mums to be and their partners or relatives are interested in staying on the ward, we would ask that they take a few moments to read the 'Mum Plus One' information guide which can be found on the Trust website.

We respectfully ask that partners or relatives, who choose to stay with new mums, follow a few simple guidelines:

1. You must remain fully dressed at all times.

2. Please do not share the bed with your partner or relative and please do not lie on empty beds, as this poses an infection risk for other patients. Instead, you will be provided with a chair for your use.

3. You are welcome to use the visitors toilet, located at the end of the ward, but will have to return home to wash or shower. Unfortunately, we will be unable to offer you any food, refreshments or bedding.

4. Please keep noise to a minimum, especially overnight, so that all new mums can get as much well-needed rest as possible. If there is too much disturbance for other mothers on the ward, you may be asked to leave. 

Drayton Ward manager, Sharon Gouldingay said: “We have listened to what our women want and are really pleased to launch our Mum Plus One initiative. We know that benefits include it helps bonding as a family. Partners often feel excluded in the first few days whilst their partner and baby are in hospital. It also has psychological benefits; partners staying can be great emotional support. It helps to facilitate both parents in gaining the confidence and skills in caring for a newborn.”

New father, Tom Saunders was one of the first dads to benefit from this exciting new service. Tom said: “I stayed over for a couple of nights and it was great to be able to help my partner Rosie during her stay at the hospital.

“It was also good to assist with hands-on baby duties, including nappy changing, from the start.”

Further information

George Eliot Hospital Maternity Unit website and facebook




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