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Annual Invitation to Service of Remembrance for our Little Ones 

little ones

An annual service for families who have lost a baby or a child will once again be taking place at the George Eliot Hospital in February.

The George Eliot Hospital’s Annual Service of Remembrance for our Little Ones has been a source of comfort for parents and families for over 25 years, and gives people the chance to reflect and remember in a beautiful and healing observance. This years’ service will take place on Sunday 3rd February in the hospital’s Chapel at 3pm.

Reverend Ricarda Witcombe, Chaplaincy Team Leader said: “The Little Ones service happens every year in the chapel and is a simple and beautiful service for anyone who has ever suffered the loss of a baby or child, either during pregnancy or after birth, recent or long ago.

“There will be some music, some prayers and time to reflect and we will light candles for the little ones. This service has been taking place for over 25 years and many people find it a helpful way to honour these brief but precious lives that have touched us often more than words can say.”

The service also gives those that want to the opportunity to talk to others who have similar experiences over a cup of tea after the service.

For more information please contact the Chaplaincy team on 024 7686 5046.

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