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Hand Hygiene - Everyone has a part to play to prevent infection

Hand Hygiene

The Infection Prevention Team at the George Eliot Hospital are holding a ‘Hand Hygiene Day’ on Friday, 10th March 2017, for staff, patients, carers and visitors, to emphasise the important role everyone has to play in preventing the spread of infection in our hospital.

The theme of the day is ‘from board to ward’, meaning that it is the responsibility of everyone, from Directors to ward staff, maintenance workers, housekeepers, patients and visitors, to adhere to and promote good hand hygiene within the George Eliot hospital.

George Eliot Hospital has had some significant successes this year in promoting hand hygiene compliance. The hospital piloted electronic training technology to support the World Health Organisation (WHO) hand hygiene protocol. The infection control team have also improved hand hygiene audits and introduced a new teaching pack for link staff to use within wards, to improve patient care and safety.  Gel dispensers have also been changed recently to a foaming type gel that is easier to disperse.

Director of Nursing, Michelle Norton said: “We recognise that good hand hygiene and the bare below the elbow practice will have contributed to the significant drops in health care associated infections and this event gives us another great opportunity to celebrate our success and remind each other of the need for consistency”

Infection Prevention Lead Nurse, June Ayre said: “The ‘Hand Hygiene Day’ is also about engaging with patients and members of the public to raise awareness of their role in reducing the spread of health care associated infections through good hand hygiene. We want to encourage them to feel confident in asking staff about this should they have any feedback”.

Further Information

  • Hand washing is the single most effective way of helping to prevent the spread of infection. More than 98 per cent of germs will be removed from the surface of hands after correctly washing with soap under warm running water, rinsing and drying thoroughly with disposable paper towels.
  • The George Eliot Hospital actively encourages patients to challenge staff over good hand hygiene. Patients should not be afraid to ask a member of staff if they have washed their hands or used alcohol based gel to cleanse them.
  • Every new member of staff at the Trust undergoes training on the correct way to wash their hands.
  • At the George Eliot Hospital we use the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines “ the 5 Moments of Hand hygiene” as a guide for our staff

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