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George Eliot’s new manikin helps patient safety

Manikin Photo

A new £70,000 maternity training manikin will help improve patient safety and quality of care at the George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust.

The manikin, which has been nicknamed ‘Vicky’ by the hospital team, allows staff to practice an increased range of clinical procedures, ranging from caesarean sections, and post-partum haemorrhages to fitting naso-gastric tubes and urinary catheters, -  all using real clinical equipment. The manikin can replicate vital signs of patients with a variety of conditions and even speaks a number of phrases depending on the simulation being run.

The equipment marks a significant investment in the simulation suite and was purchased with the help of the hospital’s League of Friends volunteer group.

Lisa McDonnell, Post Graduate Medical Education Manager and Simulation Tutor at George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust, said: “We’re excited about introducing Vicky to our staff. We think that she’s going to make a really great addition to our training facilities. Some people find simulations very uncomfortable, but we hope this new manikin will help familiarise our staff with the process, so they can practice in a situation as near to real life as possible.

“Vicky can be used for so many different simulations and we think she’s a really great investment. It’s been a bit of a challenge getting to grips with the new technology, but we’re particularly enjoyed creating some fake blood and guts, using strawberry jam and bits of chicken liver!

“We’re really pleased to have this equipment, and we’d like to thank the League of Friends for their generous donation, which went towards the purchase.” 

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