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George Eliot Hospital Hosts International Training Programme

PD Warriors

George Eliot Hospital’s physiotherapists recently held an event to train their fellow professionals in an innovative method to help people with Parkinson’s Disease.

The ‘PD Warrior’ program, which originated in Australia in 2011 is a radical new treatment approach that uses vigorous exercise to slow down the progress of Parkinson’s Disease. People who have completed the PD Warrior 10 Week Challenge report feeling more confident in their movements and are able to move more freely.

The hospital’s GETEC centre welcomed the programme’s founders Melissa McConaghy and Lynn Tullock as the training team. 21 people with Parkinson’s Disease, many of whom were local, were also invited to the session to benefit from the treatment.

Emma Gadsby, Senior Physiotherapist at George Eliot Hospital said: “Having access to such a good facility at GETEC has enabled us to host this international course. It has been a brilliant weekend for both therapy participants and patient volunteers. We have learnt more about the principles underpinning PD warrior, the use of intensive exercise and how to push people to work harder to get more results. We are all inspired to go and use it to change the lives of people living with Parkinson’s.”

Melissa McConaghy said. “Our PD Warrior approach works so we wanted to share our knowledge. We have trained 4000 health professionals in Australia, New Zealand and now the UK and helped thousands of patients since the programme launched in 2011.”

More than 40 people attended from all over the country.

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