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Get your flu jab today?

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The George Eliot Hospital is supporting the NHS Flu Campaign to encourage those that need it to get the flu jab.

Don't put off the flu jab. If you have a health condition, even one that is well managed, catching the flu could cause you serious complications, like pneumonia.

Ask your GP or pharmacist about the flu jab now. It's free because you need it.

The NHS flu campaign started on 6 October across England, encouraging those who are eligible for the free flu vaccination to take up the offer.  It is targeted at those with long-term health conditions, pregnant women and parents of children aged 2-4.

Adverts will appear on radio and in the press supported by digital search.

Those who catch the flu pass it on to an average of two people putting those most vulnerable at an increased risk including those with long-term health conditions and pregnant women.

Flu is a highly infectious disease with symptoms that come on very suddenly. Healthy individuals usually recover in two to seven days but for some, the disease can lead to hospitalisation, permanent disability or even death.

View Public Health England Press Release - 6 October 2014

View video How Flu Spreads  

Follow advice on twitter at #fluvaccine and #spreadthewordnotflu


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