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Diabetes specialists skydive to raise money to support patients

Diabetes Group

A team of diabetes specialists from George Eliot Hospital took to the skies to support Diabetes patients and are calling for donations to their cause.

The team of six, made up of doctors, research and secretarial staff, is raising money to support their patients by collecting funds for the development of an Integrated Diabetes Education and Academic Research Centre (iDEA). The centre is being developed to further ideas and research regarding diabetes and to educate patients their families of how best the condition can be managed. The centre will also be able to educate the local population about the best ways of avoiding diabetes.

The brave diabetes team were fortunate that the weather remained clear for their descent, which took place at the Hinton Skydiving Centre, on 21st May. They were all thrilled that the jump was a success, but are requesting donations from the public to support their cause.        

Jo Moore, Diabetes Secretary at George Eliot’s Diabetes Centre, said:  “The jump was a really daunting experience, but the team feel very strongly about highlighting how important raising money for diabetes research and education is.

“In our area, we have 10,000 people who are diabetic, and this number is set to increase. Although in some cases, diabetes is unavoidable, in many cases it is a result of lifestyle. We are keen to promote understanding in the community and we think the iDEA centre is the best way to do this. We are asking that anyone who can spare some money donate to support the centre.”

It is estimated that around 4 million people in the UK have diabetes, and the Nuneaton team are responsible for around 10,000 patients. Not only do they work every day to support and deliver care to patients with diabetes, but they are now part of a broader fundraising campaign to build the iDEA, a centre which will further aid their 10,000 patients.

Kath Kelly, Chief Executive at George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust said: “The team literally went above and beyond what was expected of them.

“We are fortunate enough to have an incredibly dedicated team of diabetes specialists at the Trust and I think that their commitment to their patients is made pretty clear, when they are willing to jump out of a plane for them.”

Anyone interested in supporting the team can visit www.justgiving.com/fundraising/IDEA-fund

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