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George Eliot Hospital - NHS Trust
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Speech and Language Therapy

Contact details

North Warwickshire Community SLT Service:
024 7686 5285

GEH Inpatient SLT Service:
024 7615 3746

North Warwickshire ESD/CST (community stroke) Service:
024 7615 3459

Please note:
The Children’s SLT Service is based at Riversley Park Clinic on 024 7637 8620.

What we do

Speech and Language Therapists see people who have communication difficulties, swallowing difficulties (dysphagia), or voice difficulties. Some of the conditions we work with include; Stroke, progressive neurological conditions, ENT disorders, Dementia and head and neck cancer.

We provide a community, outpatient and inpatient service.

If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Updated May 2021

Swallowing Awareness Day 2018

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