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George Eliot Hospital - NHS Trust
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Contact details

Medical Secretary Contact Numbers: 

Carol Coiley - Secretary for Mr Nandhara, Mr Reddy, Mr Mahajan, Mr Disari

Tel: 024 7686 5119

Sarah Preston - Secretary for Mr Lakdawala, Mr Dramis, 

Tel: 024 7686 5129

Andrea Lewis - Secretary for Mr R Pradhan and Mr E Mallick 

Tel: 024 7686 5113



Associate Specialists: Mr Wilfred Quarcoopome / Mr Vadama Aravindan

Speciality Doctors and Trust Registrars

  • Ms Anca Duca
  • Mr Safi Sajid

Mr Ahmed Galhoum 
Mr Prateek Gupta
Mr S Selvarajan

Updated January 2020

Consultant Lead

Name: Mr Asterios Dramis


  • Mr Asterios Dramis - Hip, Hip revisions and Knee  (Speciality Doctor - Miss A Duca)

  • Mr Raj Reddy - Knee, shoulder and hip Honorary Associate Professor – University of Warwick (Speciality Doctor - Mr Safi Sajid and Associate Specialist Mr Wilfred Quarcoopome)

  • Mr Gurbinder Nandhara - Foot and Ankle
  • (Specialty Doctor - Mr P Gupta)

  • Mr Riten Pradhan - Upper Limb

    (Associate Specialist - Mr V Aravindan)

  • Mr Ravindra Mahajan - Upper limb - (Mr V Trivedi)

  • Mr Ayaz Lakdawala - Knee, Sports Knee and Hip
    (Specialty Doctor Mr Galhoun)

  • Mr Mallick - Knee
    (Specialty Doctor Mr S Selvarajan)

Mr Disari - (Specialty - Foot/Ankle)

Specialty details

About the Service:

The Orthopaedic Service at the George Eliot Hospital offers a comprehensive and extensive service which has demonstrated enhanced recovery rates, which, in return, means shorter stays in hospital for the patient. This is the result of close collaborative working with other teams such as the Physiotherapy team and the Anaesthetics team.

Joint replacements - hip, knee and shoulder, foot and ankle.

Ortho-geriatric team - Specialise in fractures of the neck and femur and also look after the elderly.

DEXA scanning - We run a DEXA scanning service to treat Osteoporosis and to investigate existing cases that are being treated by the team. However, this service is also available for GPs to request directly for their patients. This is housed within the fracture clinic.

Upper Limb Service - Shoulder replacements & all kinds of Arthroscopic Surgery for shoulder (cuff repairs, stabilisation).

Fracture Clinics - These are run daily for patients that have been referred through the A&E pathway, however, the team now also have a dedicated direct referral line so that GPs can directly refer patients who have received initial treatment anywhere else but need follow up treatment or checks. This prevents the patients having to visit A&E again simply to get a referral to the service, therefore greatly improving the access pathway for those patients.

Physiotherapy - We provide a comprehensive physiotherapy service to the local population. This includes an in-patient service, and an out-patient musculo-skeletal service at the hospital and at a number of GP practices and health centres. There is also a domiciliary service.

Theatres - We have three dedicated theatres that are used every day for elective surgery including day surgery and we also have access to a fourth theatre which is used for trauma cases.

Enhanced recovery programme - This is run alongside the anaesthetics service and the physiotherapy team to aid quicker rehabilitation of patients through ensuring correct pain management and treatment to reduce the stay of elective patients.

Services and clinics

  • Clinical Specialist ( Physio Led ) Back Pain Clinic

  • Reconstruction of Clinical specialist (Physio Led) Knee pain Clinic -

  • Lower Limb Clinic

  • Orthopaedic Clinic

  • Ligament/Cartilidge/Meniscal Repair

  • Shoulder/Knee/Sports Injury Clinic
Orthopaedics Award from NJR


In the news

  • National Joint Registry award for OrthopaedicsGeorge Eliot Hospital is celebrating after the Orthopaedic team were recognised by the National Joint Registry (NJR) as a Quality Data Provider for their high standards of patient safety 13 February 2018