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Thought for the month

Chapel Garden 2017

"We’ve been tending the garden down at the chapel, and in these recent hot days that has involved some time-consuming watering. 

We’ve learnt to dig into the soil to see how moist it is beneath the surface – sometimes it looks dry, but actually it’s not.  And we have learnt to look carefully at the leaves of the plants to see how they are doing. 

The truth is, of course, plants wilt when there is not enough water, though they do their best to keep on growing. When they are watered, they stand taller, and they glow again. It’s quite simple. 

It’s made me reflect on our own lives, and how we also wilt without the nourishment we need for our souls and bodies, though we do our best to keep on going. It’s not just about stopping for a drink or eating properly – it’s about giving attention to our inner being and discovering what we need if we are to stand taller and glow, rather than struggling on. 

We may all need different things, but every single one of us needs something that will nourish our souls, and that will sustain us when life becomes particularly demanding. 

My own faith tradition calls me to keep bringing myself back to God, who will refresh and sustain us. 

Thousands of years ago one of the Old Testament prophets, Isaiah, wrote this: “In returning and rest you shall be saved, in quietness and trust is your strength.” 

Rev Ricarda Witcombe

Chaplaincy Team Leader

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