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George Eliot Hospital - NHS Trust
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Contact details

Main Contact Number:  024 7686 5378 / 5141/5195 /5400

Nursing Specialists: 

Vickie Adamo - Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Tracy Clarke - Clinical Nurse Specialist – Cardiology

Sheila Wood - Atrial Fibrillation Nurse

Ray Upchurch - Heart Failure Nurse 

Heart Failure Nurse service

YemiChapman -Heart Failure Nurse

Cardiac Rehab Nurses

Maureen Rogers and Carol Davies

Tel: 024 7686 5195

Coronary Angiogram Service Specialist Nurse - Caroline Schaefer

Updated January 2021

Lead consultants

Name: Dr Asok Venkataraman / Dr Mahdi Halim 

E-mail: asok.venkataraman@geh.nhs.uk / mahdi.halim@geh.nhs.uk

Secretaries: Lynnette Bustin / Jayne Ford / Jasminda Plahe / Farzana Mughal / Emma Jane Laffar

Cath Lab Coordinator: Eloise Mooney

Other Consultants: Dr Suresh Krishnamoorthy

Dr Shoaib Faddiqui

Dr Tahir Ahmad (Wed Morning Clinic)

Specialty details

We provide a comprehensive cardiac service delivered through an enthusiastic team providing care to  the local population.  The Trust’s Cardiology team of specialists includes experienced cardiology consultants and a highly skilled and motivated multi-disciplinary team, which includes medical staff, nurses, physiologists and radiographers.

We provide inpatient care on a 12 bed Coronary Care Unit and 10 beds on a medical ward. We are supplemented by a team of Specialist Nurses who undertake nurse led clinics, look after ACS (heart attack) patients, heart failure care, provide cardiac rehabilitation and look after arrhythmias patients. We also offer a cardiac rehabilitation clinic and exercise service and recently introduced a new Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory Service.

We currently have a full complement of support services including an excellent Cardio Respiratory Department with state of the art echocardiogram machines, Holter recorders, respiratory function testing and magnetic resonance imaging of the cardiovascular system. Cardiac imaging is further supported by cardiac CT coronary angiography and cardiac MR imaging.  

We also have a Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory Service situated within the Radiology department, which allows the Cardiology department to perform coronary angiograms and cardiac catheterisation, as a day procedure.

The angiograms performed will help in the planning and management of patients treated for such conditions as angina, heart attack, heart failure and palpitations. The laboratory will be shared with interventional radiologists and will also be used for cardiac work, including the implantation of advanced pacing devices, four sessions a week.

The Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory service can be contacted for further information on 024 7686 5400.

Services and clinics

  • Acute coronary syndrome service
  • Arrhythmia Service
  • Atrial Fibrilation
  • Cardiac angiography and coronary interventions
  • Cardiac catheterisation and angioplasty
  • Cardiac devices service (Pacemaker, Cardiac resynchronisation therapy, Implantable defibrillators)
  • Cardiac Imaging (echocardiogram’s, cardiac CT imaging and cardiac MRIs)
  • Cardiac rehab service
  • Cardiology clinic
  • Cardiac catheterisation Laboratory Service
  • Coronary Rehabilitation and Heart Failure Rehabilitation
  • General cardiac clinics
  • Heart Failure Service
  • Heart Failure Nursing Service (launched December 2015)
  • Hypertension
  • Pace maker implantation and internal cardiac defibrillator device 
  • Rapid access chest pain service
  • Valvulvar heart disease


Cardio Laboratory


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