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George Eliot Hospital - NHS Trust
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Arts For Health's Sake

Art for Health’s Sake is the arts program managed by the George Elliot NHS Trust. Art for Health’s Sake seeks to operate as an exciting platform to get art into the hospital: on wards, in waiting rooms, recreational spaces and across the community services it provides.

With this in mind we are continually working on projects throughout the George Elliot; undertaking artistic initiatives to encourage social engagement of the community; creating new commissions; and planning creative outlets for individual wards, staff, patients and service users.

Operating out of our new Arts Hub in the hospital’s old Janet Ward we have undertaken projects such as art auctions at the hospital to raise money for our charitable funds, undertaken renovation of some of our green spaces in conjunction with commercial partners, exhibited the work of local artists within the hospital, and run some very successful community art workshops creating well loved and significant pieces for the hospital. We encourage you to visit our ‘Projects’ page where you can find more details on previous and ongoing initiatives as well as find information on how to get involved!

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Our Arts Patron

Danièle Ryman was appointed as Patron of the Arts Programme at George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust in 2011 after working with the hospital for several years on various programmes.

Danièle has a passion for art, having attended l’Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, and combines the therapeutic use of shapes, colour and smell to aid healing. She is also a world leading expert on aromatherapy and natural wellbeing.

Read more about Danièle here www.danieleryman.com

Our Arts Groups

Maternity Painting to start
Maternity Painting to start

Art Sales and exhibitions

We have previously held 2 successful sales of art donated to the program to raise funds for the program and it’s future projects. With the installation of dedicated display racking in our new Arts Hub we will be displaying works for sale as well as exhibitions of work by local artists in a creative space visitors can feel free to stop and look at in their own time. Contact contact our Arts Development Officer via  luke.veasey@nhs.net  for more details about our art for sale.

Courtyard - supported by Warwickshire Youth Justice Project

Escape Arts 

 Escape Community Arts

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If you’d like to be involved in any of our projects and volunteer with the program unless otherwise stated please contact Luke  at luke.veasey@nhs.net for further details.