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George Eliot Hospital - NHS Trust
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The role of the Trust Board at George Eliot Hospital

The purpose of the Trust Board is to govern effectively and in doing so build patient, public and stakeholder confidence that their health and healthcare is in safe hands. This fundamental accountability to the public and stakeholders is delivered by building confidence:

  • In the quality and safety of health services

  • That resources are invested in a way that delivers optimal health outcomes

  • In the accessibility and responsiveness of health services

  • That patients and the public can help to shape health services to meet their needs

  • That public money is spent in a way that is fair, efficient, effective and economic


The Board should demonstrate leadership by undertaking three key roles:

  • Formulating strategy for the organisation

  • Ensuring accountability by:

         - Holding the organisation to account for the delivery of the strategy
         - By being accountable for ensuring the organisation operates effectively and with openness, transparency and    
           candour and by seeking assurance that systems of control are robust and reliable.

  • Shaping a healthy culture for the Board and the organisation.